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Tommaso Amato
Tommaso Amato

Tommaso Amato

Labour Law and Social Law

+39 340 3724484

Labor law, Social Law, Tax Law

Advice on labour law - Drafting of work contracts - Management of the employment relationship - Individual and collective dismissals - Transfers of undertakings - Disposals of parts of undertakings - Corporate restructuring and reorganization - Negotiations with trade unions representatives.

Drafting of work contracts
  • Draftings of work contracts for each category of workers: executives, middle managers, employees, workers in different sectors and for different tasks
  • Drafting of specific clauses: non-competition agreements, confidentiality, secrecy, stability, inventions of employees
  • Drafting of the disciplinary code

Management of the employment relationship
  • Imposition disciplinary sanctions
  • Transfer of the employees, change of tasks and other conditions of the employment contract
  • Individual and collective dismissals
  • Management of confidentiality, use of IT tools and e-mail

Assistenza giudiziale
  • Legal representation at all stages of the trial in relation to employment disputes before the judicial authorities, oltre also in ordinary appeal and before the Supreme Court (Cassazione)
  • drafting of defensive acts (appeals, memories, requests)
  • Preparation of a legal strategy (examination of the documentation, examination of the case in point,assessment and strategy)
  • Partecipation in the court hearimg and all related activities